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Client Testimonials

Thousands of clients have purchased
domains from HugeDomains since 2005

Read what some of our clients have to say about us:

Good and efficient service. Very please and will totally work with them again 

Julien Dray May 6, 2020 HeyHumans.COM

Fast & friendly 

Bilal Aziz May 5, 2020

Super easy transaction. 

Peter Schofield May 5, 2020

Worked out great, super happy with the whole progress :) 

G?ran Myrland May 4, 2020

Fast, easy, and very reasonable! 

Andrew Kelleher May 1, 2020

New project required a particular name for the domain. While I was researching, HugeDomains had the exact domain I was looking for. The price was out my budget at the time and I took advantage of the financing plan. I worked out great!!! I dedicated a lot of time to the project and not having the service porvided by Huge Domains would have caused to modify the name which was fundamental for my startup. Thank you, great service! 

Alejandro Garcia-Palacios April 30, 2020

Very easy process 

tessa forrest April 28, 2020

Everything went just great! This was the first time we bought a domain through monthly pay system and no problem. HudeDomains are a credible partner. Thanks guys! :) 

Dalibor Vasiljevic April 28, 2020

Quick & easy process... Recommended! 

Faiaz Seddiq April 22, 2020

Fast and efficient. Would definitely use again, 

Jefffrey Salmon April 21, 2020

Good services. Solve my needs quickly and friendly. 

Vicky Tu April 20, 2020

All perfect... 

Luca Rivelli April 20, 2020

It was is and I am looking forward to my business becoming successful. 

Arline Harris April 20, 2020

Good service. Fast and Safe 

Thi Anh Thu Ngo April 20, 2020

I am using HugeDomains from last 2 years and happy with their service . Acquired several domains through them and overall happy with them and specially customer support . 

Kay Tee April 18, 2020

Great service and support 

Gerald Kacka April 17, 2020

Everything was corect and fast, all the staff I talked to was kind and respectful. So it was a pleasure to wark with you and we`ll be happy to continue cooperating in case of necessity/ 

Denis Dorodnykh April 17, 2020

Thank you. Quick & Easy Service 

Mary Hayden April 15, 2020

I am very happy that I was able to purchase my Domain. I owned it years ago and then someone beat me to it and purchased it while I was up for a payment. That broke my heart and shattered my dreams. I was so happy that I was able to purchase it back and Huge Domains had a payment plan I could afford. 

Tiffany Nottage April 14, 2020

I appreciate the possibility HugeDomains has to buy a premium domain in monthly installments. They are practically helping start-ups take flight! 

Alexandru Radulescu April 13, 2020

Easy and fast process. Thanks HugeDomains for deals. Perfect web to buy a new premium domain. 

Tengku Faris Tengku Khalid April 10, 2020

I noticed the site had an option to put in an offer for the domain I wanted so I did. I am very happy to say I had a very quick response and purchased my new domain instantly via the link I was sent. I would highly recommend this site and will be using again in the future. 

Jessica Woods April 7, 2020

transaction with HugeDomains was fast and easy. 

Thi Anh Thu Ngo April 6, 2020

transaction with HugeDomains was fast and easy. 

Thi Anh Thu Ngo April 6, 2020

transaction with HugeDomains was fast and easy. 

Thi Anh Thu Ngo April 6, 2020

The call I did to huge domains to get new plan pay let me keep my domain to agent I understand quick then give me the opportunity thank you 

Ulises Jimenez April 1, 2020

Very easy and smooth transaction. Quick and reliable service. Highly recommend! 

Shawn Sadri March 31, 2020

very smooth transaction 

Bruce Parker March 31, 2020

I was happily surprised to see HugeDomains offered a payment plan on a domain I wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford but really wanted to pick up. Really happy with my purchase! 

Alexander Stevenson March 30, 2020

I had lost this Domain several years ago and was so Happy it came back up at a reasonable price which has motivated me to get back on getting the idea to the world. The transaction with was seamless and efficient! 

Eric Spencer March 27, 2020

I think the price was fair, and the payment plan was easy to use. Thanks. 

Scott McGrath March 26, 2020

Easy and friendly 

James Bigott March 24, 2020

Price is hard to negotiate XD 

Simon March 23, 2020

Good and Fast 

Tony Yu March 18, 2020

I Love It! Fast and easy got my business domain and affordable payments. 

Sherri Lynn Streight March 17, 2020

There are times in this business when you come across a name you want and you just don't have the cash available to make an outright purchase. I have been in this situation several times and each time I have been able to make things happen because of HugeDomains' installment program. I appreciate this valuable service and the flexibility it offers me. Thank you HugeDomains. 

Joseph Mizereck March 17, 2020

I paid for the transaction directly on the weekend. Everything was done and a response was received with instructions and a link. All instructions given or mentioned were perfect. Transaction was smooth and clear. There was surprisingly no personal interaction. But the transaction was good. 

Cecil D'Souza March 16, 2020

I purchased my domain and was given a VERY AFFORDABLE payment plan. If the payment plan is not available on there website, just give them a call and they’ll work something out that works for you (2-4 year plans). This helped me very much because I’m just getting my business up and running and $300-$400 a month is just too much for me. Thanks to they worked out a plan that suites my finances. Customer service is also an A+. Very Happy. 

Cameron Mailloux March 11, 2020

Alle top 

Jannik March 11, 2020

After many years I am happy to have obtained my domain. HugeDomains proved to be the right choice for my business Dopo molti anni sono felice di aver ottenuto il mio dominio. HugeDomains si è rivelata la scelta adatta per il mio Business 

Luca Mercatanti March 9, 2020

The process of buying a domain from could not be any easier. They respond fast and I've found the prices are cheaper than through most domain hosting companies. 

J. Hodges March 9, 2020

quick and easy...perfectly automated 

Mike Summers March 5, 2020

thank you. I was really happy to get back the domain I use to have before for 10 years before they took over before I bought it again. 

Denise Ouellette March 5, 2020

Thank you for your simplicity. I’m happy with my purchases 

JEFFRY CANE March 3, 2020

I was really impressed and heartened by’s willingness to work with me and my budget to retrieve my domain name. Thanks again! 

Jeff Vezain March 2, 2020 JeffVeZAin.COM

really fast 

adrien athiel March 2, 2020

Very easy transaction and terrific follow up after purchase! 

Samurai Artist Management March 2, 2020

Very efficient. I'm pleased 

Marcos Dequeiroga February 28, 2020

Put an offer in for a domain, I wasn't sure if the offer would be accepted or increased, heard some stories on forums that the price of the domain may go up. My offer was reasonable & I took the gamble, the offer was accepted & the domain was transferred in 30 mins of payment being made. My experience was better than expected & I got the domain I wanted. So happy all round. 

Df February 26, 2020 HugeDomains Customer

Quick transfer, after account creating all the information available to move the domain name. It's worth it to negotiate! :) 

David Janssen February 25, 2020


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